Dealing with Texture Name Collisions

Note: This feature was added with Tiled2Unity

It is always a good idea to give all your resources (textures, map files, etc.) a unique name. This will ensure Tiled2Unity cleanly imports your Tiled Map Editor maps into a funtional prefab when exported.

One common problem occurs when you have different textures that share the same filename. By default, Tiled2Unity will export those textures over each other leading to some visual bugs.

To fix this problem you can use one (or both) of the following custom properties on your tileset:

  • unity:namePrefix
  • unity:namePostfix

As an example: Say you have multiple tilesets that both reference different textures that share the same blocks.png filename. In Tiled edit the tileset with custom properties like so:


Now, when a map using this tileset is exported the texture will be exported as MyPrefix-blocks-MyPostfix.png instead of blocks.png. Similarly, the material asset created will be named MyPrefix-blocks-MyPostfix.mat.

Note: Normally you wouldn't use both a prefix and postfix. All that matters is that the resulting texture and material assets in your Unity project are uniquely named once importing is completed.